Are IDEX printers not as cool as I thought they would be?

I got very excited about IDEX printers but it seems that not very many other people did. It seems our own Ender5r and Dr. Vax have cooled on them. It would be nice to know why.
When I search Youtube there is hardly any recent discussion about them.

I haven’t really cooled on them. I’m working on a project right now that, when I’ve got the design right, I intend to print a much of them using Duplication Mode on the Artist D. In fact, I’m doing a test print of half the model on the Ender 5.

My next video will be a head-to-head comparison of the Artist-D Pro and the Flashforge Creator Pro 2.

@irvshapiro1 Should be an interesting video. I am very interested in your opinions on the 2 machines. Specifically as the price of both is the same ($589 USD direct from the manufacturer), does the larger build volume fo the Artist D Pro justify purchasing it, or does the Creator Pro 2 make better prints?

I shall be looking forward to it.