Just looked at a video of a very interesting looking printer with dual hotend.

JGMaker Artist-D Dual Extruder Review - YouTube Is the video and I wonder if anyone will be as impressed with it as I was. It is just starting out.

That is indeed a very interesting printer, and there are still Super Early Bird spots available. Hmmm, Christmas is coming…hmmmmm.

You encourage Mr Mr. Ender 5r. This is the first printer to make me think of so many more possibilities that we haven’t even tried yet. Not that I have room for it but it could be quite good.

This is what I wrote on their web site and I would really like it if one or more of you real savants could tell me if I’m wrong. “I am impressed with what I see. Doing multicoloured without having a purge block bigger than your project is very interesting. Working with two or more completely different materials is extremely interesting. The size of the prints is interesting, but I don’t have any room in my tiny apartment for another printer. Printing with dis solvable supports is interesting. I think you could develop a lot of not immediately evident techniques with this machine that could be mind blowing.”

I just pledged for the Early Bird Special…?

I don’t think you will be sorry.

Od course who knows really with anything.

The only real concern is whether they actually do ship the printers. It is KickStarter after all.

Yes of course. I will personally wait till they are up and going and then pay more but have a better idea of what I’m getting. But I don’t have room for it unless I toss my dear Ender 3 pro.

Marlin have this command for dual head with parking side as well as RRF. Of course i’m talking for the case someone likes to build it on his own. It’s worthing the whole thing!

@Vassili_Finellis I think the important thing here is that it would be next to impossible to build a printer yourself for what it costs to buy this printer.

Not just cost of parts think of the man hours. But building something is what I used to do all my life til I became brain dead.

@Ender5r all i want to say -for everyone that would like to know- that there is an option inside Marlin code for this type of printers.

Agreed. I am aware that Marlin has the ability to handle dual hotends. I have seen the options in Cura. If I do receive the Kickstarter printer I’ve backed, I guess I will have to learn to use these features. ?

Just take a look at this… Rat Rig V-Cast [DISCONTINUED]

You people in Europe sure have a different assortment of printers than we have in North America.

Never heard of them. The site looks fairly impressive. Is it a Chinese company, do you know?

Yes, Chinese as well as the company that produces the double head printer in Kick starter too!

Makes sense. How else could they make it that cheap?

Indeed! If you scroll down at the Chitu site, you’ll see some of the companies usng their boards.