JG Maker Artist-D Dual Extruder

I just was trying to find out what was happening with this kick-starter i e roll out of this machine. I was on the kick-starter site but it was not informative. Perhaps Dr. Vax or Ender 5r have some update.

The last update I got is from 28dec2020, which said that a new shipment of printers was about to go to Europe. But, they have also said that the Pro version of the printers will be shipping later than the non-Pro version, and both Irv & I bought the upgrade to the Pro version.

So it seems to be proceeding all right?

I’m not worried so far. Here’s a shot of units supposedly going to Europe:


I’m really curious what you and Irv will have for an experience with this printer. The possibilities seem amazing.

I have a Pro version on order. No word yet on when it will arrive.