JG Maker Artist D Pro Extrusion Update?

I have heard a couple of rumblings around the net that JG Maker may have instituted a stealth fix for their Artist D Pro extrusion issues. Has anyone heard anything about this? I am very interested in it, but this is the one thing that has held me back. I have an Ender6 and a Prusa MK3s+ and I am thinking of replacing the Ender with the JG Maker. I bought it used and I have had to do a lot to it already to correct the issues from the previous owner running it so hard. I just don’t know if the JG Maker would be any better on quality or reliability. I am really intrigued by the dual extruder design.

I have no idea if there is an extrusion fix or not, but I hope there is.

Doing some searches and looking at reviews, I found comments from some on the Kersey Fabrications channel who received theirs as recently as 3 weeks ago and stated that the printer has the same problem. One person on another forum stated that they had contacted JG Maker support and was told that the problem was already resolved and there wasn’t any more that they would do. Apparently, they changed something in the firmware they had hoped would fix the issue, but it didn’t. If all that is true, then it is really disappointing.

I guess I will keep going with my Ender 6 for a while, unless it goes belly up on me again and keep checking around on the Artist D Pro.

I’m honestly beginning to think the problem can only truly be resolved if dual gear extruders are used to replace the current version. I have been wondering if Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruders would make a difference. Since the Artist D uses Marlin, would it be possible to replace the extruders, maybe replace the ribbon cables with regular wire harnesses & make the printer truly useable.

I have had my Artist-D for about a month, I upgraded my firmware to 2.3.3. Their latest offered, and there is no duel extrusion fix. There is a fix to use through Cura, I do not know if it can be incorporated through slicers. For me it works, I just did a duel color print and there is very good results. Wish you luck with your research.

What is the fix for Cura?

The Cura system for duel extruders that works for me is stated on comment 40 at this location:

I think that is a separate issue than the one I was referring to. I have heard a lot of complaints about the JG Maker under extruding. That specifically was what I was wondering if they addressed, though the problem your solution seems to apply to is interesting.

After my experience with my Ender 6 this weekend, I am about ready to chuck it through a window…I will likely look for something else soon. I love the idea of IDEX, but finding one I can afford with a larger than tiny print bed (Flashforge Creator 2) and without what I consider a fatal flaw is going to be interesting. I may just have to be satisfied with single extruder.

You are right, its not the answer you were looking for, but I have looked for another source for the Artist-D official fix other that 2.3.3 that was the latest firmware they are offering on their web page. I hear there are some other fixes by people in the firmware, but I have been burnt in the past with such fixes. I am very reluctant to use someones else’s firmware fixes. The Geeetech Ax0T (x stands for 1,2,3) which each have 3 extruders and they each have a memory location for each of the 3 values you are looking for. Until the people at Artist-D comes out with a published fix for two extruders memory, I feel I have solved the problem of two extruder memory locations.
I know of at least two other IDEX printers similar printers, one is out now, one comes out early next year. The one out now, I have not heard of any problem with calibrating the two extruders. I chose the one I have because on this site, I know of at least two other people I can draw on for help. Help is the most important thing I look for, especially after my misjudged purchase of the Geeetech A20T. No help. Geeetech Forum is slow to non existent.

Is one of the printers you are talking about the Weedo x40? It seems intriguing, but there seems to be very little support from the company and a very small user base to draw on. That is the other one I was looking at, especially since it has auto bed leveling. The other issue I have heard of is that it is very hard to get Octoprint running on it. I use it and cameras for both my other printers and that is an important aspect for me.

I guess I shouldn’t expect too much at this price point.

Yes, I believe that is on of the two I have seen. I gave it some consideration, but decided not to go with it. I chose instead the Artist-D because I knew of a couple on this site that also have one.
I ran a two color candy cane with mine last week and I was very pleased with the results. The only thing I see as a short coming is the fact there is not a glass plate available from JG Maker for the bed. I have a glass plate for my other and it is great.
I changed my nozzle for the first time last night. That was an experience! Since it was my first, I did not get it locked in properly. I bed I tried a dozen time to level the bed, It would start out good and go bad. After I figured out what was going on, It was easy to fix.
Good Luck on your choice!

Makers Muse had an interesting video on a very cheap and very useable new surface for 3d print beds. You may perhaps be interested in giving it a look.G10 - The best print surface you've never heard of. - YouTube

I wonder how available it is in North America.

I think he posted information on that. He said in the video that he would.

I looked on Amazon and they offer several sizes and thicknesses, but it seems a little pricey.

It ;looks about 6 x as much as he indicated.

Hey Lotek,
Was just watching that video also and did a search on ebay. Yep quite a few on there, but agree on the pricing. Then went and looked at McMaster Carr and first look is promising.


On McMaster Carr I just saw $ 58 Amer for 12 " x 12 " x 3/8 " in black. Maker’s muse was talking about that being about $ 5 each. I’m not sure if he is talking Australian dollars which would make it even cheaper. Have prices gone up so much lately?

He was also talking about using ~1.5mm sheet your 3/8" is close to 9.5mm!
here is one example:


My bad. That looks better.