JG Maker Artist D Pro Extrusion Update?


I think that Creality could have done a few things better on the Ender 6. First is the silly saving eeprom settings to an SD card as they are notoriously unreliable and one glitch on the card and your settings are gone. Dumb idea in my mind.

Second is that they could have put the USB port on the outside frame of the printer. Why in the world make a customer have to tip this heavy thing on its side and take the bottom off to get to the USB port?

Third, they could have put it in the firmware to allow for setting the z-axis to a smaller increment than .1mm. I had a dickens of a time getting the right squish until I discovered using .076mm feeler gauge instead of paper or a .1 mm. Being able to more precisely adjust the z-axis would make things much easier. Or how about allowing one to send messages to the screen and allowing to stop the print for things like a filament change?

Fourth, they could have put more settings options on the touch screen. Even my Prusa with an 8bit board has more options than the E6.

Fifth, the acrylic sides are not really all that necessary and don’t serve much purpose in my mind. Of course, I could take them off, but instead of putting the money into the sides, they could have put it to better use addressing the issues above. This is a minor complaint and more of a preference though.