Should we allow people to sell stuff here?


A forum member has asked me if users are allowed to sell stuff, in this case, a used 3d printer, on this site. What do you think?

I don’t think I’d by a used 3D printer online. I think I would want to see it work and even print a test print on it. Administration could easily become a nightmare too.

It was actually a brand new, never used V6 hotend, for a Prusa Mk3S+, not a “used 3d printer”. ?



Hub is on a Tech site where they sell second hand computer stuff. He has bought and sold stuff on there too. Very practical, as you don’t get people who have no clue about what you are selling.

That said, that forum has a set of strict rules on how to do so, and that seems to work well. But then, 3D printers are not easy to sell. You can show that it works with Skype, etc. Seeing it work live is a must. Unused parts, new in the box, etc, all fine too, yet harder to prove.

Is it necessary to setup a system with ratings? Not a bad idea. But, if the seller or buyer misbehaves, there has to be a system to roll back bad comments. Who will judge over that? Who is willing to be a fair referee? What will you do with a bad seller / buyer? Maybe an idea for later on, if selling / buying would pick up.

Since US laws are very different than laws anywhere else, how about handling that? Warranties? Liability? The EU has strict privacy rules, for example, and importing second hand items is also not that easy. Tax regulations, import costs, etc, people have to be reminded.

I have been on forums where people were allowed to sell stuff and personally, I am pro this idea. I am even pro “wanted items” posts.

Not that I am in the need of a “new” printer, but I must agree with @Gramps.

One printer I bought was second hand and even had some work to do, but I wanted to see the basic movement and the condition of the rails, etc. I used ebay-kleinanzeigen (no clue what the international name is. (fun fact it is no longer part of ebay and will be rebranded anyway soon.)).

So, I would suggest to use this (or other local services) instead of some global page. Also 3D printers are hard to ship and could be damaged. That is another reason to prefer picking a printer up in person.

In my opinion it makes no sense to sell printer here, as the customers are limited due to the location anyway.

I’d say try it and if it becomes too much of a problem, delete the forum. Based on my experience with a Facebook group where folks can buy, sell, or trade 3D printers and parts, I’d recommend some basic rules.

  1. No commercial vendors
  2. Posting must include a price and a statement as to whether the cost of shipping is included or not.
  3. A seller must have a minimum number of posts (3? 5?) in other forums to prevent drive-by’s.
  4. Post bumping limited to once per 48 hrs.
  5. A recommendation that parties use PayPal (not friends and family) as this offers some protection to the buyer and seller.

Obviously, there is some cost (extra Admin overhead) but also some benefits (might bring more people to the site). Which is more significant? Who knows. I say give it a try. FWIW, the Facebook group mentioned above has been noticeably less active in the past year.


If you keep it in a separate forum, I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but I think I’d probably check craigslist first if I was looking to buy a printer, because of the locality issue.

In short, no.
I feel if we allow a forum for folks to sell printers, it’d dilute this website and the purpose of the forum too much (sharing ideas, fixes etc. should be the focus, not sales) :slight_smile:
Plus the admin work and potential headaches in case someone gets scammed after buying from a seller on this site, it’s too high risk.



My opinions on this topic are mixed. While I can see the advantage of offering used desktop tech items to other makers, I can also foresee the potentially massive negative issues listed in some of the earlier replies.

In short, an attractive idea with many potential hassles for buyer, seller, and site admin.

I see a potentially problem for the site admin. When someone is dissatisfied with what they buy, they instinctively go to site admin for support. Seen this elsewhere! A fair warning from admin on every new post if possible stating admins neutrality on all sales would be one answer if so chose to have a flea market section.

After reading these posts I think it is best that we stay away from allowing people to sell stuff on the site.

Thank you to everyone for your input.