Congrats on the new site!

Looking forward to using these forums to get some good 3D printing tips and advice. :slight_smile:

Me too. Part of the reason for starting this forum is to have a place for makers that have come to know me via the DrVax Youtube channel to exchange ideas. It will take some time for us to get to critical mass so feel free to share this forum address with anyone else you think would benefit.

The DrVax community goal is to support non-technical folks who do not want explanations wrapped in technical gibberish. Originally I focused my content on retirees but soon learn there are people in many age ranges that want non-technical explanations for this stuff.

Thanks for joining us.


Hope this will ad to your teaching and my learning experience. Let’s all learn something together!

I am glad you have opened this forum.
It is much better than using the comments in the YouTube videos.

thanks for let me in and good idea for forum