Just for Registered Users

I will add materials to this channel for registered users that most often relates to one of the DrVax YouTube videos. For example links to models, slides used in the videos, PDF cheat sheets.



This sounds great!!! Thank you Irv!!!

Seems like a good idea.

I have been looking for cross-reference guide to slicer terminology.pdf but have unable to locate this document… could you please provide a link to help a muddled old man find the afore mentioned document?

Mr. Shapiro, (Irv)

Thank you ever so much for your videos. So far your videos have brought me to a new level of ‘newbie’. I have been able to “PID” my hotend, calibrate my extruder (which was way out). I printed my very first print today of a ‘mini cat’ and it turned out perfectly. I am sure that had I not referenced your tutorials I may not have had such great success.

My machine is a Creality CR-20 Pro. I have done the “Z axis” upgrade of installing the second lead screw as well as put a new Micro-Swiss direct drive extruder on…all work extremely well.

I will look forward to your new videos as they are ready.

So sir, as your motto goes…“WE learned something together”…thanks again…!!

Don H.

This is a good place for maniacs like us to hang out.

LOL…I might just fit in here then…take good care

You might enjoy it. I guess you are a Canadian like I am though I seldom admit it.