A Request from the Forum Administrator (Irv)


I have a favor to ask. In the next couple of weeks, I will be releasing a new home page on the models.makewithtech.com site. This site as many of you know allows users to select a template and then enter parameters to produce a custom model ready for 3d printing or use with a laser or CNC device.

I now have a team of people adding features to the site and over 2,000 people have tried it out with over 1,000 using it monthly.

Our team will continue to release new features a couple of times a month with full graduation from beta status planned for Q1 of next year.

Here is the ask. I need 3 quotations about the advantages of template-based custom models for the front page of the site. If you think this approach has the potential to be a useful addition to the 3d printing and 2d cutting and engraving communities please drop me a note or leave a post here. I hope to publish these quotations with either “usernames” or real first names and the last name initial.

You can reach me directly at ishapiro@cogitations.com.

While basic subscriptions to models.makewithtech.com will always be free I will use premium subscriptions to help support the growing family of MakeWithTech services. This forum will remain free to everyone.

All the best.


P.S. Sorry for posting here – off topic but this topic gets the most views and I want to make sure people see this request.

I think it’s wonderful that the creator of this site, Irv Shapiro, devoted precious recourses and time to creating an extremely useful and easy to use tool to help people enjoy 3D printing more. Not everyone is tech savvy and this will be such a big help to starters. It’s also very practical for people used to 3D printing!