I'm now on another old new computer and have been auditing the forum on my cel.

It is nice to have a keyboard again. Maybe I will continue making my long-winded innocuous posts. I even have my big screen working after two years. I refuse to mention how well my old Ender 3 pro is working because every time I start bragging about it it screws up.

Sometimes those old computers just give up. I recently had to replace the one in the man cave which is the one I use for Freecad, PrusaSlicer, Ideamaker, Otoprint, Mainsail. You get the picture. Any way glad you got yourself set backup again.

Thank goodness for my techie friend who has become absolutely enthralled with the possibilities of 3d printing. We are changing the hard drive today and he is running around getting what he needs to do that. It is a Mac Mini from 2004 and it can’t have any ram added. He is goosing up my computer because he loves working on his 3d models over here even though he has a computer that could launch rockets at his place.
His 16 yo son made him a keyboard that has over $600 can. components in it because he works on computers all day and professionals like good tools. I haven’t met his son yet but he seems like a chip off of the ‘old block’ as they say in the vernacular.