What are the base Specs for a computer or laptop for 3D model design

I am being gifted a resin printer, and I want to learn to to design 3D models for printing. But I have a very old computer, and and IPad Pro. So can anyone recommend specs for a computer or laptop? Or one already in the market? I am looking for base to mid range in specs since I am still new at all of this.

Any computer from the last 5 years would do. Mine does not even have a videocard. I have 8 GB ram. I do basic designs as well. I do run into problems on Cura or Prusaslicer trying to slice models to print. Very intricate designs fail on mine and I slice them on hub’s PC.

The iPad Pro is pretty powerful I think I have seen some 3D modeling apps of it that utilizes the pen for drawing.

I use a mini PC for FreeCAD and it works well. Not sure how it would work with something like Blender.