Screen problem on new Ender 3 V2

I just finished assembling my brand new Ender 3 V2. After double checking everything, I started to move on to the bed leveling phase. When I turned the printer on for the first time, the start screen displayed as it is supposed to. However, I cannot get any of the start screen icons to be selected. Turning the knob does nothing. If I press the knob the screen changes to what would be the different print options, all I get on that screen is the word “Back” and nothing else.

I have made sure the voltage selector is set to 115v. I have disconnected the screen ribbon cable and plugged it back in. I have turned to printer off and on several times and the problem still exists except for one time. The 3rd or 4th time I turned the printer on, I did get a list of options after clicking on the print icon. After clicking on the “Back” icon, the start screen re-appeared and now I cannot select any option. Just for the record, non of the start screen icons are high lighted as you turn the knob.

Anyone know what my problem is?

I would take the cover off the motherboard and check that the cable has a good connection there. Also check the cable for damage.

Yep: 1st 3 rules of electronics troubleshooting: 1) connections 2) connections 3) connections.

Gramps… Thanks you for the suggestion… As it turned out, there was an improper connection between the cable and the motherboard. The cable plug was not properly seated on the motherboard before the hot glue was applied… I removed the hot glue and pushed the cable firmly onto the motherboard and now everything is working properly.

What were those 3 rules again??? [SIZE=20px]:smiley: :smiley: :D[/SIZE]