Not Starting?

Many times when I select file to print and select file, nothing happens.
I am pre heated and up to temps.
I have: Ender 3 V2 w/BL Touch using Cura 4.8.0

Is Cura connected to the printer? 1 way to tell is to click on the Monitor tab & check to see that the Preheat settings are available. If they’re not shown, Cura is not connected.

No, I’m using an SD card.
It usually starts, but sometimes I have to start it multiple times.

Ah, of course. I’m not familiar with the V2 specifically, so let me ask a question: do you press the screen or press the knob to start the print?

I press the knob

Ah, well then, you may have the same issue I sometimes have: a knob that doesn’t register every time. On my Ender 5 I’ve noticed that, sometimes, when I press the knob, it doesn’t register the click. I can tell the difference by the sound it makes. When it registers, the sound of the knob press is sharper… more of a click. When it doesn’t register, the sound is a bit duller, a bit more muffled.

I find that, if I make sure to press directly straight down on the knob, it works much more reliably. It seems to be pressing from an angle that’s the issue.

That make sense, it also happens when setting other settings.

Ender5r you have been very helpful, so maybe you can help with another question.
Keep in mind I am very new to all this and not very computer literate.
I have been downloading things from “Thingiverse”.
But for the last couple of days I get a “Something went wrong” screen.
Any thoughts on this?

Yes, the issue with the knob can occur any time you need to press it (i.e. use it as a button).

I just downloaded a file from TV with no issue. Have you tried using a different browser?

I use Google Chrome. What should I try/do?

There are a number of options. If your using Windows, you can use Edge. Or you can use Firefox, or Brave, or Opera. Firefox might be a good 1st option.

OK, thanks. I will try Firefox. I like the name!

Same thing happened on Firefox? Says: “Something went wrong”!

OK, if you haven’t already, reboot your PC & try again. Also, are you out of disk space? What OS are you using?

OK I got Thingiverse working again. I had to go thru Firefox. Still when I logged in it threw me out, “Something went wrong”.
So I signed up with another email account and password. That is working so far.
I’m using Windows 10 and I have 409GB out of 910GB on my hard drive.

On my other problem: When I press the print knob it does change to the printing screen.
I just started a print and it was 8 minutes from the time I hit the button until movement. I was pre heated to the temp.
Could this be another Cura mismatch because I’m using the Cura Ender 3 Pro printer choice on my Ender 3V2?

hmmm, not sure about that 1.