long pause between pushing print and starting to print

I have an Ender 3 V2
When I push print there is a long pause before printing starts. Sometime I give up and start over, SD card out, pre heat, SD card back in and push print again.
It goes to the print screen but seems like a long time to start printing.
I have the Smith - Marlin software for the BL touch (10 Jan 2021 update)
I use Cura Version: 4.8.0
Is this normal?

How long? Does the LCD display any message(s)? Do you always preheat?

2 to 10 minutes. Never starts at the push of the button.
No message, but it does switch to the print screen.
Always preheat.
Should you always start after going to “Auto home”?

I find Autohoming is a good idea. It at least makes sure the printer knows where it’s at.

I think that is always wise. My printer gets lost on occasion if I don’t do that.