Ender 3 v2 with bltouch pause at height problems

Hello I am having a problem with my Ender 3 v2 with a Bltouch. I am trying to change colors with the pause at height script in Cura 4.8. The print starts fine, but after the color change, resumes a little too high and will not adhere to print. I am on the latest smith 3d firmware. I’m not sure if it is bltouch related or not. Wondering if anyone has seen the same. Thanks

There are some settings that you need do in Cura.
The standard pause will only keep the steppers lock for 15-30 seconds. If it take you longer to change the filament then you are probably moving the Z axis.
In pause at height settings there are 2 main settings you need to set.

  1. Disarm Timeout. (Set this to something high like 90000)
  2. Standby Temperature (set to you print temp / 200)

There is a big problem with the changing color on the fly with the Ender 3 v2… There is no way to tell the printer to keep all steppers lock and unlock just the extruder.
So you will need to push the filament manually as best you can

Are you using OctoPrint. With Octoprint you can extrude with the software