Ender 3 V2 Problems

Just thought I would let everyone know of a couple of problems with my Ender 3 V2. First problem showed up within a week of having the printer the hot end fan started making noise, then within another week it quit altogether called Creality and they said they would send a replacement but it would take a month to get it to me. So found one on amazon that was the same size and voltage so bought it and replaced it myself. much quieter then the one that came on the printer. Be aware you will need to do some cutting of wires and soldering to replace it as the wires that come with the fan aren’t long enough to reach the main board. Replacement would be a lot easier if they had put a small JST connector on the wires on the hot end side. Found out later that this seems to be a command problem with the V2.

Nest the printer started under extruding badly and took me a while but found that the plastic extruder that came on the printer had a crack on the bottom of it. Again went through the same song and dance with Creality about taking 4 weeks plus they were going to send me the same plastic extruder. So bought a all metal one off of amazon. Don’t believe this will will break anytime soon. You would think that they would have upgraded this to all metal on the V2 as it is a cheap upgrade.

Just thought i’d share with everyone here that may go through the same problems with the printer.

How many prints would you say you produce a week? I have not had any problems but I only print 1 or 2 prints a week.

Most likely between 20 to 30 prints a week most of them fairly small but maybe 2 to 3 large prints in that week. Only have done one really large print, that one took 58 hours to finish printing. But did complete all the way. For a cheaper printer i am impressed with this printer over all. I knew going in i would need to upgrade it as i went so I’m not really complaining about the problems just wanted to let everyone know what i’ve experienced. Am planing on replacing the hot end with a all metal one and the bowden tubing with Capricorn tubing and a few other upgrades as i go.

That is probably a higher volume than most folks do on the Ender 3. That said, you must have gotten a lemon it should not have failed this quickly. If you are going to continue to print that volume you might want to order some spare parts to have “in stock”.

Most likely I will not continue printing near that much. This was my first 3D printer so i printed a lot of different things. But i expect I will slow down some what. I do a lot of arduino projects and I bought the printer so i could design and print my own project boxes for my creations. But really went overboard with printing all the different things on thingiverse and other sites. Will most likely get back to my arduino projects pretty soon.

I don’t disagree with the idea of getting a better quality fan, but are you aware of how you can lubricate a sticky fan?

This wasn’t a sticky fan. I have been a network and computer tech for almost 40 years (still am for another year) ? anyway the bearings were going out (i know the sound well) and they gave up the ghost the week after. There is a sound that a fan makes when the bearings flatten out enough that the fan will no longer turn. No fixing that short of replacing it.

I hear you. Been there, done that. Did you replace it with a BB fan or one of the newer magnetic bearing types? I just won’t use sleeve bearing fans anymore at all.

I wanted a quiet fan so i went for the BLDC motor ones from BigTreeTech https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0…0?ie=UTF8&th=1