Sanjay Mortimer Passed Away

A huge loss to the 3D printing community:

Yes, I was reading twitter posts and other tributes to him yesterday. Not sure what happened, but it’s a shame it happens to people so young.

I was in shock when the news rippled through IRC.

He was a cool guy and always passionate about his projects. He never appeared like the director of a company and instead looked like the guy you want to tinker with. In addition to that he had such an interesting voice, which made his explanations even more unique.

I for sure will miss all this in the 3d printing future.

RIP and thanks for all the fun.

As an old guy I am always dismayed when something like this happens. So much potential lost.

I’ve watched a few videos with him. A shame to die so young. He had quite a future before him it seems.

Very sad. He accomplished a lot more than many in just a few years.