Interview with Sanjay Mortimer of E3D

This is a long YouTube interview with one of the founders of E3D. Sanjay really impressed me with his knowledge of not only hotends, but materials science, manufacturing, and the business of 3D printing in general. He discusses not only E3D’s future plans (albeit obliquely at times) but also the future of 3D printing. I found all ~80 minutes to be very worthwhile. My only regret is that there is no transcript. (Anyone know of a good speech-to-text tool to make one?)

Thanks to The 3D Print General for pulling this off.


[URL=“Sanjay Opens Up About Hemera and E3D's Future - Interview - YouTube”]Sanjay Opens Up About Hemera and E3D's Future - Interview - YouTube

Edit: P.S. – Sanjay thinks swappable print heads (tool changer) have advantages over IDEX. Time for @Geit to commercialize his printer design!

I think both are very interesting. I like the fact they don’t make a huge block of waste which costs time and material. I think IDEX printers will prove to be very interesting as I said in another post just now. The fact you can use multi colour multi material and separate temperatures will open the door to creating all sorts of things we couldn’t do with on head and other old swapping methods.

I shall watch this and comment later. Thanks for the link.

I follow Sanjay for about two years now though out various videos of other you tubers.

He has a cool and recognizable voice, which makes listening to his stuff even more interesting.