Ready for testing. Mobile Support, Update Notifications, at Models @ MakeWithTech

I am excited to announce a significant new Models release is very close. In addition to a range of minor bug fixes, this release features a new notification system powered by Magic Bell and support for Mobile devices.

To try out the new versions before it is released over the weekend, head over to:

I may soft release it without any announcements tomorrow, but I expect to publish a video about it late tomorrow or over the weekend.

Implementing multiple layouts, mobile and desktop, with full responsive support for screens in a range of sizes, required significantly reworking the application. I have worked with my “Fiverr’s” tester, but bugs will probably slip through. Please let me know what you think and report any bugs you find.

@Ender5r You should be able to download freecad files in this release. However, if I got the code correctly, you should download any file other than an STL file for a non-scad model. I do not allow downloads of general STL files but instead redirect you to Thingiverse to minimize Thingiverse’s chance to block my API access.

Thanks @Irv_Shapiro. Your restriction on STL files is totally understandable.