New release at

With positive results, I have been locked in my coding dungeon for the past two weeks. I just posted a new version of the application to:

This will be the home of the app when it goes public. I will continue to use for QA once the main site goes live.

Here are the significant changes:

  • New home page that is much less confusing
  • Significant refactoring of the Customization Workflow. The customizer now has collapsible sections, and the parser is much more robust.
  • CORS errors fixed. I switched to using a server-side reverse proxy to retrieve most files, eliminating the CORS issue.
  • Many, many minor bug fixes
  • Enforced saving nine files in the rendered list in preparation for production. This is to keep expenses at AWS down for the free version.
  • Added online log file viewing.
  • Internal changes to the code base to allow future open-sourcing of the code without disclosing my AWS and Thingiverse credentials
  • Added the Trello backlog right into the APP
  • Added the ability to post directly to the Trello backlog (bugs and feature requests)

Next is a complete rework of the Thingiverse search page to make it easier to use and highlight the 3d viewer capabilities.

Feel free to give it a try.


Just checked out the link now. I like what you have done. Downloaded a couple of files. Each time it opened a new tab in my Firefox sub set Pale Moon, but I can live with that.