Sorry I disappeared for a while ...

Folks, I have been busy working on the Thingiverse add-on/alternative. I decided I needed to complete the workaround for the Thingiverse incomplete CORS implementation. CORS is a protocol that ensures your browser will only download code from trusted sites. The Thingiverse API does not consistently implement the CORS protocol so some models are accessible and some are not. The workaround is to build a component called a “reverse proxy”. This is a program running on a server, in my case Amazon AWS, that sits between the code running in your browser and the destination API. I now have this completed and 50% tested. So far it solves all of the problems with retrieving models.

I hired a guy on Fiverr to do additional extensive testing since it gets tedious after a while. Based on his input and all of yours I have done some more work on the user interface.

Expect a new version soon.

Arggggg, it’s a man-in-the-middle attack! :smiley: j/k

I’m really glad to hear you’ve addressed that, it should make using your web app much more reliable and enjoyable.

Understandable, what your doing takes a lot of time to get it right. Sometimes more time than was anticipated. Thanks for spending the time to try and fix Thingeverse.

Thingiverse also deliberately first broke (404 error) and now disabled the “download all” feature, to avoid people leaving the sinking ship that easy.

Migrating to other platforms is much harder, now.

Anyway, cool to see the project coming along.

Agreed, the lack of Download All is a PITA.

My experience today was it did not want to display my collections,very, very slow so I could download. Did get single stl’s but I did not try multiples.

I noticed that too, the last couple of times I was on Thingeverse that you have to download the files one by one and you don’t get the images or the directions. I have a few files there but deleted my account when they had the data breach awhile back and didn’t bother to tell any one. It’s a shame as it has gone to pot it was a great resource for stl files.

Since the hole mess with thingiverse is going on for quite some time I re-downloaded all my archives, directly after upload and made a local backup.

Since I usually spent some time in doing proper documentation of my parts, this was reasonable.