Pi Mounting Bracket For Ender 3

I got a Raspberry Pi 4 for my Octoprint. I have had good luck with the Miuzei case, so I decided to get another one for this mission:


It has the two x-shaped notches cut out of the bottom plate for hanging, so I got out my calipers and measured it up for designing my own bracket:


The FreeCAD file and STL file are attached in the ZIP if you are interested. Everything (except the fillet sizes) is parametric with the design using a FreeCAD spreadsheet.

I used supports for the print:


More in the next post…

Miuzei Ender mount FreeCAD.zip (428 KB)

I am using this T Nut for 4 mm screws on Thingiverse:


Took a couple of tries to get the parameters tweaked just right:


It works great!

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Nicely done my friend, nicely done indeed. Your prints look really good. I take it you printed the T-nuts yourself? If so, was there any particular reason you didn’ t just order some M4/2020 metal T-nuts on Amazon?

Nicely done!

Until recently I had a bare bone pi screwed with a plate to all my printers. It works, but catches dust and plastic crap from the printer above. Had screws falling to the back a couple of time, so I recommend a case at any time unless you are as lazy as I am. :slight_smile:

I printed an entire case for my TronXY X5 while it was on the workbench for other fixes and upgrades anyway, so at least one pi has a proper home here, now. :smiley:

Probably need some solution for my Anet A8 soon, as on of the wacky pi mounting posts got a crack and the PLA is sitting in the heat chamber for hundreds of hours already, while printing ABS parts :smiley:

Yeah, looked at buying T Nuts, but figured printed nuts would be fine for this job and bought a new color of filament instead. ?

Very cool been thinking about doing something along these lines and now i don’t have to, good work ? and thanks for sharing your design. Just ordered one of the cases and am printing your design now. Well share pics when i have it installed.

what length of the M4 screws did you end up using?

Sweet! Send pix when its done.

Start with just printing up the STL and see if it works as is. If you have any trouble with the crosses fitting into the case notches, you can go into the FreeCAD file and tweak the parameter in the spreadsheet named “ss_tolerance” to a slightly larger value. I tried to keep the tolerances tight, but different printers might make it tighter than others?

M4 x 8mm long

Thanks i will. The case won’t arrive until Monday and am ordering the screws now. Looks like Monday for them to.Ordered this case as i didn’t need power supply and other parts (already have those) looks like the exact same case to me. Amazon.com

Yep, looks same to me also.

Will i measured it with my calipers and its 94mm long 40mm wide and 36.2 tall. Which according to cura is exactly what it should be.

Ok I got the case earlier then they said it would be but the screws and nuts to mount it will not be in until Monday. Got the case together for the PI, never seen one like this where you put the pi in between layers of the case ?. Anyway tired your mount on the case and it fit perfectly the first time. Pictures attached. When I get the screws and the nuts will take pictures of it mounted.

Again thanks for sharing your design looks like it will work well.

That’s great! Love it when a plan comes together.

Or fails in a spectacular, but hugely entertaining way :smiley:

Ok I got the screws and the nuts today and mounted the PI. As promised here are the Pics of it mounted on my printer.

Works very well and like the way it looks. Good design ?

Love it, thanks for the look!