My Perfect Tool Holder for Ender 3 v2

I’ve wanted to design and build the perfect tool holder for my Ender 3 v2 for a while now and finally had a chance to do it during the holiday break. I used FreeCAD. Here is the full design:


There are 3 parts connected with dovetails. If I want to change something in the future, I don’t have to reprint everything. This is the mount:


The mount slides into the 2020 rail slots on the top rail of the printer. It is snug enough that it will probably never move, but I went ahead and designed it so that the right screw holds it in place. That will be shown more clearly in a later screenshot. It is designed so that the left rail screw never needs to be removed so that the rail positioning on the vertical rail doesn’t shift.

Here is are the 3 parts assembled:


And here it is loaded up with all the tools I use most often:


Of course there are other tools that come with the printer including the hex wrenches and the open-end box wrenches, but I don’t use those tools as often and the printer’s built-in tool drawer is perfect for those.

There is plenty of clearance when the print head reaches the top of the gantry:


Here are transparent views of the designs of the 3 parts:
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Attaching the STL files here if anyone is interested.

tool holder mount (15.8 KB)

back tool holder (456 KB)

side tool holder (422 KB)

Designed to fit these tools:

Ikea Scissors

The tweezers I got from a surplus auction, but the longest tweezers in this set (second from left) look like the one I have.

I got the protractor out of my kid’s old school supplies. It is 90 mm across the base, so anything smaller than 3.54 inches should fit. The small protractor in this set looks just like the one I have even though they call it a 4 inch protractor in the description.

Took me a while to figure out what was attached to the filament reel. After a really close look I figured out it was the clock on the wall and not attached to the filament reel. Old eyes playing tricks on a fellow. That’s a nice tool holder you designed, thanks for sharing.

That looks pretty cool. It reminds me that I made a tool drawer about two years ago and never bothered to install it. When my stuff arrives and I finally fix my printer I think I’ll try that. Well done.

Happy New Year to anyone patrolling.

Reminds me of what I learned in photo school, and later taught to younger photographers: watch those backgrounds.

Great tool holders. Are the CAD files available to make it easier to customize for different tool?. Thanks, Kay

Nicely done. Thanks for sharing it with everyone.