Ender3 v2 Feet

I took the cover that blocks the air flow to the power supply off and replaced it with one off Thingiverse. It rerouted the wire bundle a bit which caused the printer to rock. So I designed and printed some feet to raise it up about 10mm which will clear the wires and give a little more air flow. Now the printer is rock solid again.



Good work!
My Artist-D does not have as many mods that can be done, but I did a similar thing with mine. I had some failed Chess squares that had a center rise on one side were they plugged into a larger square. I used some of these to raise and do a level job where the table is not level. It seems to work well for me. So, what is the name of this file? With some height changes it might work well for me.

I did the file in FreeCad if you use it you can edit the file to suit your needs

Ender3v2Feet.zip (22.9 KB)

Thanks! I think most likely it will be fine as is, except maybe height. I will put it to good use!

Hope they workout for you. If you have trouble I’d be happy to make them the height you need.

In Cura, I can change the size of the height and each side length or width. Any more elaborate changes like making it round or a triangle would need a CAD program, of which I know nothing about at this time. Thanks for your support!

@Lowteck here’s the stl file for the feet

Ender3 v2 Feet.stl (26.4 KB)