Printed Models from Thingaverse

Hello Everybody

Now that my Ender 3 Pro is cooperating again and my granddaughter is fascinated with moveable toys, this is what I printed today.


Since I didn’t create these and some are very loose, others not so much, Is there a way to loosen up the flexible hinges?
Or am I at the mercy of whoever drew them and the setting that they used?
They do move its just that some move more easily than others. All of them used the same settings in my slicer Cura14.3.1
Any particular area that I should look at?
I would like to learn!


The movement on flex models are more or less related to the design. Can also be printer setting but from your description it sounds like your printer is okay I wouldn’t mess with it. Many times you can loosen the flex prints up by flexing them, it breaks loose spots where the filament might have stuck together.

1 thing you could try is to set Horizontal Expansion to a small negative value, say -0.1 to -0.3. This will cause the walls to shrink back just a little. I often use it to ensure holes are large enough to accept the bolts they’re designed for.

@Ender5r Hay! That is great to know, I have been solving that problem by reducing the % of the inserted piece, and even increasing the % of the main piece. Example: the T handles for hex wrenches. That had basically been working for me, but the next print like that I will use what you suggested.