Pulling my hair out

If you look at my avatar I don’t have much to pull :wink: Last night a started a 10 hour print that would finish this morning, which it did without any issues. Turned the printer off (Ender 3 S1 Pro) this morning and this afternoon I went down and was going to print another model that I had just printed the day before. This is where the problems started, for the life of me the model would not stick to the bed. Checked the z-offset and it was way off (???) so I readjusted it. It was printing a little better but still not to the point where you could walk away just didn’t look right. Decided to pull the extruder, it so simple on the S1 Pro unplug one cable and remove 4 screws and lifts off. When I turned out over the little light went on, you know the one I mean. I had taken the nippers and removed some filament that was dangling before I started the print. Well I also clipped off the tip of the nozzle. Now I know why the the z-offset changed. Replaced the nozzle and re-calibrated the z-offset, checked the bed level, which was okay. We are now printing again.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that cause the most problems.

Wew, well done, except for the hair pulling, lol. When people ask me what skills you need to 3D print, besides being smart enough, I always say “Common sense, persistence, steel nerves and oodles of patience”. ?

I get that oozing too sometimes. I wait until the last point is probed on the bed the use tweezers to remove any dangling filament on the nozzle.

I normally wipe ir off hot too with either a q-tip or popsicle stick. Don’t know what made me pickup the nippers and cut it off cold. Won’t be doing that again, lesson learned.

I have done the same as you several times. That could explain some problems I have had. Usually I do not have filament inserted until everything is hot and I am ready to print. I insert and pull off with needle nose pliers. I have suspected that I have damaged the nozzle, but have not confirmed so. I will always keep this in mind in the future. Thanks for the information, and sorry you had the problem.