Addons To My Ender 5 LCD Unit

I finally got time to print some addons for my Ender 5 Pro, this 1 to help organize my various printer tools and provide some storage. I found 2 items on thingiverse (I’ll post links to them if anyone asks). The 1st gives me 2 drawers under the LCD display, to hold spare nozzles, silicon nozzle covers, tubing connectors, and some other bits. The other gives me a cover for the back of the LCD display and a part that attaches to the LCD cover that holds wrenches, allan keys, side cutters, digital caliper, etc.


Nice! Does not work for me :smiley:

It would take 20 prints and all the tools where spread next to all printers. I have a magnetic holder right above my TronXY, which is on the cabinet my Anet is in.

The tool vanish from the tool bar and can be found all over the place, but not next to the printer. I need a robot arm on the ceiling picking up the tools and returning them to their places. Maybe a project I should start, when finishing the clock. :smiley:

So, confirming that you are lazy :wink:

The 2-drawer unit has worked so well that I decided I needed a couple more drawers. Also, it was an opportunity to test a bit of a crazy idea.

I used F360 to create a 2-drawer extension that would hold 2 more of the deeper drawers:

Then, in Cura, I imported the original 2-drawer cabinet I got off thingiverse and the 1 above and overlapped them on the build plate:

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Then I sliced the overlapped combo & printed it. Guess what?! It worked!

Here are the 2 original drawers:

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And, here are the 2 new ones I designed:

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Finally, the whole assembly:

I will upload the files if anyone should want them for their Ender 5. Unfortunately, I don’t think the cabinet will fit on Ender 3’s.

Also, if anyone does want to do this, be aware that the ribbon cable that connects the LCD screen to the control board had to be lengthened. I have a number of old computer motherboard serial connector cables in storage, ones that have the same connector that’s used for the LCD. I carefully removed 2 connectors from 1 of the cables, then tore off a length of ribbon cable from an old parallel printer cable and installed the connectors on it.

Nice stuff!

@Fredstir has asked for a link to the files for this project: [U][/U].