Looking for a printable electronics case

I am trying to search for a case to fit under the CR-10 chassis to hold the main board “SKR 1.4 board”, TFT 3.5 v3.0 touch screen control panel, Power supply.
I am not seeing anything on thingiverse or maybe I am not typing in the right combination of words to find them but basically i am looking to print off the box that goes under the frame I think like the CR-10 pro v2 has.
I just received all my upgrades I have purchased and would love to house them in a new shinny case that mounts under the frame of the CR-10

Why not trying to design one in Thingiverse. Thingiverse is very basic but it should be possible to design a case. You can even design it in pieces and either superglue the parts together or use screws in holes you have placed into the frame.

You can design stuff in Thingiverse??

Think he was talking about thinkercad

I could use fusion 360 also but was trying to save time and not trying to reinvent the wheel so to speak. So if some one has done this already I would like to see please