Overhang Problems

When printing an overhang the infill builds a angle to it that is not removable and is as thick as the external layer? I built it on tinker cad and sliced it on Creality Slicer 4.8.2

The Green space is where it puts in an angle structure that I did not draw in.
Anyone know what I have done to cause this???

Isn’t that just auto-generated support?

Have you considered rotating it 90 degrees and printing it on its side? It looks like it wouldn’t need any support structure in that orientation. I can’t see the whole model though, so I can’t tell if there are features that wouldn’t print well that way.

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I’ve never used Creality Slicer but haven’t heard anything good about it either. I would consider using either Cura or PrusaSlicer.
I agree with @CoreyPDX looks like auto generate supports. I would consider rotating the part if possible to avoid supports.

I was under the impression that the Creality slicer is based on Cura and I use both that and the Cura ver 5.3.
Neither have given me any problems. I would agree, looking at the model that printing it on its end would save the need for support. If not, try the tree support