print super structure support along cylinder

I’m trying to print a cylinder type thing vertically some parts above surface (horizontally had a lot of support problems). The bottom sticks fine using my Ender 5+.

Is there a way I can print a super structure support around the cylinder to make it more stable since it appears to fail about 2-3" above the surface and the tension from the nozzle seems to pull it over. (Maybe not the right words.)

Can this super structure “support” be place directly around the object so it touches sufficiently to prevent fall over but easy enough to remove after the print? Any guess on settings.

PLA…4 nozzle, 1.75filament. .2 layer height.


I take it this is a pretty narrow cylinder. Have you tried a brim or a raft?

You should take a look into „support brim“ and „tree support“.

I’ve tried brim and raft, tree and normal with poor success when printed horizontally. [ATTACH=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“large”,“data-attachmentid”:11347}[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“medium”,“data-attachmentid”:11348}[/ATTACH]
I’m printing a personalized pen hold for my Android pen. My printer has done very poorly doing tall prints so I thought I could build a super structure around the pen holder and maybe indirectly attach it to the model to prevent it from falling over. (It actually didn’t fall over but fails a few inches above the bed. It sticks to the bed but begins to rock and follow the printers hot end and fails.)

I can see how that shape wouldn’t print vertically, at least as it is. I suspect a wider base (either via Supports or through you adding support structure in the design itself) could help a lot to print vertically.

I can see your problem. This model is hart to print.

You need to print it vertically. Beside adding a brim and enable “brim inside” to get a fill surface at the bottom.

I would also enable tree support and reduce the overhang angle, so more tree support gets generated. Unlike normal support tree support creates a larger foot print on the build plate. It is perfect for prints like this. Also don’t forget to enable “support brim”, so the tree branches at the bottom create a big surface along with the normal circular brim.

You can also enable the “only over build plate” option for support, to limit the support just to the smaller bottom section. This should give you a solid foundation to print the upper stuff on.

Alternatively, can you cut it in half and add alignment holes/pegs or tabs? Print, then glue the two parts together.


Thank you all,

I tried something different still and thought I would pass this on. I
l’ll claim as a success.

Using Cura 4.7.1 and adding Custom Support add-in from the marketplace. .stl was created using Tinkercad.

I created a superstructure around the vertical pen holder. Wider base, ~75% to the top. Didn’t feel it necessary to go to the top. I’ll experiment more to get some better support settings.

The support was a bit tough to take off at 5% infill but the finished product was good, in IMHO.


Solid work. Thanks for sharing. Would it be ok if I do a video in the future about your concepts of adding your own support structures as part of your design?

Ah, nice! I downloaded that plugin ages ago, but it never occurred to me that it could be used to surround your whole model.

Hey Irv, Of course you could use it in any way you see fit.

You’ve been extremely helpful in solving many of my problem It’s the least I can contribute to you and this forum.