Odd Lines in prints

I’ll start with a little history wanted to give the granddaughter and her new hubby something special as a remembrance of the happy day. Ran some ideas through my head and came up with a heat with 3 hearts in the center, there is a great granddaughter involved in this too. Took the design from my head to Freecad after a couple of tries I got it were I was happy with it. My 1st attempt at printing the letters would not stick, as you’ll see each heart has the name of the people involved. That turned out to be the filament I was using. Using a filament that I have good luck with the letters were fine so not a design issue. Scrapped that filament and went with a known good printing filament, it’s COEX Pla but I don’t think the filament is the issue.

Now the problem when I print this I get a line in the left of the outside heart and a line through the left & top inter hearts. The right heart doesn’t appear to have any artifacts in it. At 1st I was printing at 0.10mm with a 4mm nozzle. Thought maybe because it wasn’t a multiple of 4 could be the issue so I switched to 0.12mm with the same results which is what the photo below was printed at. It was sliced in Prusa Slicer 2.5.0 getting the same results on both the S1 Pro & S1 Plus thinking maybe it’s a printer issue. Both the view in Freecad and the sliced version in PS do not show these strange lines. I’m at a loss as what is causing this.

[ATTACH=JSON]{“alt”:“Click image for larger version Name: IMG_3707.jpg Views: 0 Size: 3.60 MB ID: 16645”,“data-align”:“none”,“data-attachmentid”:“16645”,“data-size”:“full”}[/ATTACH]


In Cura you need to use the combing mode, which ensures the print heat will not move over printed lines when moving.

Another way is to enable z hop, when moving and reduce the z hop distance, so it kicks in earlier.

Finally got this ironed out. I checked Do not cross perimeters and put 0.4mm z-hop in the filaments overrides.



Nice! You should to the filament change more early to make the letters pop. Looks like it is just a single layer or even paint?

There was no color change, the letters are all painted. Probably need to go over them again, that’s basically 1 coat.

You should really do color change here unless the level is different. It will pop and never wear off.

I thought of doing a color change but hit would be a nightmare when using a single extruder printer in this case. The hearts with the names are at 3 different heights.

Well, from the look and the flatness it should be possible to print the letters afterwards. They just need to be sliced in mid air. You would need to split the model into letters and base.

Do to the flatness and the spacing there shouldn’t be any problem.