Newbie help finding correct Settings in cura For New Filament

Hi ,
I’ve only been printing for a few months used the same filament all the time. Took me quite awhile to get the cura settings to work with that filament. . I just got new filament ROHS PLA I managed to get first layer to stick at believe it or not 210/60 but after about 5min of print (calicat) i start hearing the feeder crunch and no filament extrudes! If i stop the print and move Z upwards leave the hot end at 210 and do a manual feed the nozzle isn’t clocked filament extracts without problem. My guess is something with print speed / retraction?

Thanks hope someone out there can point me in the right direction



Some photos might help. If you’re hearing extruder “chirping” it could be that your Z Offset is too small and the nozzle is getting buried in previously layed down filament. That could lead to back pressure that prevents new filament from being extruded.

Hi Meir,

It sounds like extruder is slipping. Check the tension on the spring loaded arm and see if the teeth on any of the gears are clogged with plastic.


Edit: Insufficient z-offset as noted above might also cause the extruder to slip.

What printer are you using. Some printers need a higher temperature to extrude. Also have you done a calibration on your extruder to get the correct number of steps. Do you know how to do the extruder step calibration. And as above what is the layer height you are using, also what are you using as your first layer Z height. As you can see there are plenty of people willing to help, just give us more information as I have asked above.

Following on to there above post, where did you buy the new PLA filament? I just realized that RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substance and has nothing to do with who made the PLA. I’m concerned that it is a no name, very inexpensive – and cheaply made – filament that is causing your problem.


Thanks for all the great responses. Sorry I didn’t react earlier. Just got my computer unpacked … I will answer each and everyone as soon as i manage to unpack and get my office fully up and running again from my move apartment / office

Take care all :slight_smile: