Not dead yet

Hey all, gramps and ender5 in particular

So, my quest to get the tenlog tl-dr running at its best, ended with the mobo shitting the bed, and me doing other stuff for awhile.

I bought an assembled MK3S+, and wow so reliable. like 3 for 3 on 20+ hr prints off the bat

I got the MMU2S kit, that has many parts, and many revisions. more to come.

While all this is going on, the tenlog sits on the floor, inside its heated enclosure…

I had, in several phases, lightened the extruders, fans, ducts, etc always a slave to that coarse thread Z adjuster on T2, and the silly VGA cable

What I’m thinkin about is scrapping all that, and getting a pair of Hemera extruders, fabbing a simple plate to mount to the X beam’s linear bearing

That solves that

I have heard that BigTree makes a motherboard that would be ideal for a marlin IDEX.

but I’m not sure which model. the have several 8 channel bords

Would any of you fine folk care to opine an opinion?

Yeah, it’s funny about the MK3S+. I got the kit version. Took 2 days to assemble it but, like you said, soooo reliable. There’s a reason Joel Telling bought 24 of them for his print farm. They aren’t the fastest but, as I’ve heard so often, “they just work”.