Is this a miracle print bed?

A few weeks ago I ordered & received an Anycubic Ultrabase glass printbed. Unfortunately, I got the wrong size, because I understood that my Ender 5 print bed is 210x210. In fact, that’s the spec’d print area: the bed is actually 235x235. Live & learn.
Anyway, I found the bed is fantastic for PLA. You put nothing on the bed for PLA; you just print on it. After a print is done, you let the bed cool and the print magically comes loose on its own. Fantastic, right?
Well, for PLA, it is. However, I had problems with PETG. It didn’t seem to matter what temps I used, it would not stick. Then, I applied some UHU stick to the bed. Voila! The PETG sticks great, and it can still be removed after.
Now, I don’t want to speak too soon. I have a real challenging test coming up. The part I want to print next has a lot of area in contact with the bed. As some of you who’ve followed my posts know, I’ve broken several pieces of glass while trying to dislodge prints that were really stuck to the bed. I’m hoping that will not be the case with this next print, which I hope to start tomorrow. It will take around 24 hours to print. This time, I have the printer on a UPS, so the part hopefully won’t get ruined if we get another power glitch. Fingers crossed.
If it all works out the way I hope, I will order another Ultrabase, this time the right size.

I’m back to using hairspray on my ender 3 glass bed. The glue was working fine and then it wasn’t.

I started printing the large, 25-hour, piece @ 5:30 this morning. So far, so good. I check in on it every couple of hours.

Send us a photo.

Well, whatd-ya know: it worked. The part came out really well, and it lifted off the bed like a dream. This Ultrabase is looking better & better. This part had a lot of surface area and it just lifted some of the glue off the bed with it. Easy, peasy.

It’s always nice when a long print comes out.

The 2nd copy of the part was a little harder to remove, but not awful. My wife is already getting ideas of how we can use them in future.

I am intrigued by what them could be.