AnyCubic Ultrabase: initial impressions

I bought one of these Ultrabases based on statements from several people that they are almost magical in their ability to adhere to prints when hot but release them easily when they cool.
Base on my first print, I have to agree. This little printed completely, without issue. I deliberately let the bed cool. When I went to peel him off the bed he was already completely loose, even though he was on a raft (which I removed before I took the photo (sorry). Anyway, I just went over to the printer and picked him up, as if he was never stuck to the bed. It was a bit of a weird experience to be honest, what with having to work really hard to get prints to release from painters’ tape or UHU stick.

Have you tried printing on it without a raft?

Thanks for asking. My fault: I had intended to include that this was printed from a g-code file that came with the printer – no STL available. So, nope, I haven’t tried without a raft and, although I could edit the g-code to get rid of the raft, I really just don’t feel like the little guy is worth that much trouble, even though, yes, he is cute:)

Ah I see :slight_smile:
I have a similar type of bed on my machine, I like it. I don’t really use rafts very much, unless it a thin model that needs a bit extra on the base for support and adhesion.

If you don’t mind, why did you choose this printer? Just curious.

Who, me? I have wondered myself. I didn’t know anything about 3D printers really; only what the vast majority of the public knows. I got some money for my birthday, and I’d been considering trying 3D printing. The Ender 5 Pro seemed to get lots of love from all over, it had several nice features over the non-Pro version, it was available (not sold out like a lot or models), and it was actually on sale. So, I took the plunge down the rabbit hole. Had I to do it all over again, I likely would have gone for the ADIMLab Gantry, which has more upgrades, and is actually cheaper than the Ender 5.

Oh, I thought you purchased the Anycubic.

LOL, no. I don’t have money for more printers ?

@ Ender5r,
What will be your next upgrade?

Not sure. Could be a while. Probably an all metal hotend, so I can try ABS, ASA, Nylon, or polypropylene; or, maybe an EZ Board Lite. 'Course, to do the more exotic filaments I would have to look at enclosing the printer.