I need to play with it a lot. Everything I try to do that is so easy in Cura, is really work. I was trying to do multiple prints and I tried to place them and one end came off the bed and I could never get them back flat even though everything I know to read said they were not. The skirt would only circle a small portion. I finally went back to Cura to do the print. Do not have any Idea what was causing this. I will work on textures in a day or so, maybe tomorrow. I did once a long time ago when I first installed in on my printer and did some playing with the textures. Now I can get it to print I can see what I was doing. Let you know if I get anything solved @Gramps.

Keep messing with Ideeamaker, Im finding the more I mess with it the easier it gets and some of it even starts to make sense. After you put multiples of the item on the bed go to Move and there is an Arrange button. The thing I haven’t found, or doesn’t exist, is being able to click on a side and it will lay flat on the bed. I know where it is in in PrusaSlicer

I know the feature you mean in PrusaSlicer. I don’t think it exists in Cura, so maybe not in IdeaMaker either. In Cura you use the Rotate tool, combined with Drop To Bed. Might be the same, or similar, in IdeaMaker.

You might be right. In Ideamaker I have been using rotate, the Place on bed button under mover.

Makes sense. I like PrusaSlicer’s feature but the Cura/IdeaMaker way works too.

I did multiples of a razor scraper and the multiples did not lay flat on the bed either. The more I tried to settle the more filament I wasted. I finally gave up and went to cura to do the print. I pressed the button that said lay flat on bed, in IdeaMaker, and it did not work for me. I am surprised that IdeaMaker, being the micro-manager it seems to be did not function with lay flat on bed. I am trying to tweak the use of IdeaMaker, but if it is something that only it has, after I get a “template” in its terms not “profile”, I will revert back to Cura. Cura has plug-ins that do some of the things that IdeaMaker has built in. After a plug-in is installed it is like being builtin. I did upgrade Cura the other day and part of the installed plug-ins did not carry over. Be aware of that, and one that was later installed, does not work in the latest version of Cura.

Sorry I am on a negative attitude today, I got up to no water!

Well aren’t you just a grump old fart :smiley: Been there, done that, they cheated me out of the T-shirt!

I haven’t tried multiple objects in Ideamaker, but I will and see if I’m getting the same results as you.

I don’t know if you guys are familiar with him, but Joe at Breaks’n’Makes has 5 videos on IdeaMaker: [U][/U]

I watched Joe’s video’s on Makes-N-Breaks and they were very good. Wish he would have made more. Some of them are also likened on the Raised3D site.

I tried adding multiple objects to the bed in Ideamaker and didn’t have any issues. Could only add 5 at a time, so I don’t know what that is about. I loaded the 1st object, went to Move to make sure it was flat on the bed. I then added 5 more, & 5 more. I then pressed Arrange objects on bed in the Move tab. It arranged them but twisted some around. Now sure what @Lowteck was doing to have all the issues he had doing it. I’m thinking he was trying to arrange them himself instead of letting Ideamaker doing it.

It seemed as though he couldn’t get the 1st object flat on the bed so the others weren’t either.

I really like Joe’s way of using sequential printing to print test objects so as to create filament profiles.

From my experience Ideamaker is pretty good about placing the object flat on the bed. It isn’t always on the side that I want it on so I rotate it, but that’s normal with any slicer. Probably would help if we could see the object he’s working with. I do know that when in move you need to watch what you do with the mouse of your move the object where you don’t want it. There is also a center button to get it back in the center of the bed and then I always press the put object on bed button to make sure.

Printing sequentially the setting for each object to tune a profile was a brilliant idea. I need to try that myself.

When I move objects in Cura I’m careful to ensure that Snap Rotation is enabled. It helps prevent odd angle rotations that can lead to objects being at very slight tilts on the bed.

I may have found something in Ideamake that will be a deal breaker for me. I have some Templates (Profiles in most slicers) set up. Using PrusaSlicer and I can load a model make a couple of tweaks to the profile such as infill, temperature etc. Then when I exit it ask me if I want to save the changes, I always answer No so next time my profile is the way it’s always been. With Ideamaker every time I change something like infill etc it saves it and is the default next time I open it. Ideamaker does ask if you want to save changes when you exit but it doesn’t. I brought this up on their community forum.

That is something for me to learn, Ideamaker and Cura are both good slicers and each has its peculiarities. A lot to learn.

Appears that’s the way it’s designed, guess I used to Prusaslicer that ask you if you want to save the changes. Someone over at said he tricks Ideamaker. If he wants to make changes for a model he uses groups, in there you can pick what you want to change, change it there and it overrides the Template. I tied it and it works pretty well. When I started IM the next time it ask me if I wanted to use the Group setting or delete them, there’s even a checkbox to make your choice the default. When using a group it also ask if you want to apply the group setting when you click slice. Seems like a viable workaround.

My other untried idea was to import the saved template each time either when you start or before you exit.

In Prusaslicer you can choose the side you want to lay flat on the bed. I found this feature on Ideamaker

With model loaded
Press Shift L
Click on the face you want flat ( it doesn’t highlight area like PS)
Click Apply

That’s it your model will flipp to the side you choose