ideaMaker Review is live

I just finished my review of ideaMaker, and I am very impressed. It combines some of the best features of Cua and Prusaslicer with some unique capabilities. Raise3d clearly built this software for professional industrial users. When combined with the current free Raise3d Cloud, it is a unique, high-value solution.

The weakest feature in this slicer is the preview mode. Cura, PrusaSlicer, and Simplify3d all provide much better 3d rendering. Watch the video, try the slicer (it’s free) and let me know what you think.

[video=youtube_share;xL_IDura2C0]Is ideaMaker better than Cura and PrusaSlicer? - YouTube

Thank you for this video Irv. I will definitely download IdeaMaker.

Great video Irv. I looked at Idamaker awhile back but it just didn’t do anything for me. I see you found some interesting things that it can do that other don’t offer. May take another look now that I have a better understanding after watching your video.

Another slicer for my tired old brain to learn. It looks very interesting if I had an IDEX printer.

Hi Irv
In your ideaMaker Review you mention printer profiles and filament profiles but you do not explain how to create or use them!
On the JGM video on using ideamaker they show profiles but do not have them both to download.

I used the profile in the JG Maker Facebook group with ideaMaker and then tuned it a bit. Once I am happy with it I will post something.

Great idea to use texture to hide layer lines and seams.

I like that texture. It does seem to hide layer lines. Do I have to learn Ideamaker to get that texture on my prints or is there a way to import it to Prusa my preferred slicer.

hmmm, import it to Prusa… hmmmm, seems unlikely.

Also Irv mentions the texture will be convex. You can have the texture convex or concave.