I just spent about an gour getting back into the forum. What an ordeal that was.

After going around in circles for awhile they gave me this captcha that has tiny little obscure pictures on it that my old eyes and small screen give me a lot of trouble. I need to get my HDMI outlet fixed so I have my big screen working again.

Typu. meant to write Hour.

Yeah, probably a side effect from deleting your browser history. You probably deleted your cookies along with it and your password now was required.

These captures are annoying. “Mark all pictures with cars” and then you don´t know if just an edge of a bumper counts as car.

Oh crap, I didn’t check to see if “Clearing Cache” also clears cookies when there was a seperate menu to do that (the default box has clear cookies checked). Sorry.

Anyway, glad you are back! It might help in the future to let Firefox store your passwords as well as using site cookies.


I finally found the login link hidden in the top right corner. It worked. I was just locked out again.

Over the past half hour I’ve had intermittent interruptions of my connection to this forum. It’s not my internet connection: other sites are working, even drvax.com. It seems to be the forum in particular. It’s been up & down.

I have always found it interesting in life that when you are having a bad day it just keeps on happening.

Folks, so sorry to hear about these issues with the forum. I am going to private message some of the forum top users my personal email address so they can reach out to me if they have issues in the future. This will allow me to check on the status with the Vbulletin hosting people.