How are you doing irv?

Hi Irv,
Just wondering how you and your family are doing over in Israel!
Been thinking of you, after your YouTube update.


Back in the USA for a couple of days and trying to get over jet lag.

I am thinking about what is next for MakeWithTech. The site will shut down at the end of December as it did not get sufficient paid traction to cover the costs.

I will probably broaden the topics covered on the MakeWithTech YouTube channel.

Thank you for your kind thoughts.

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Good to hear that you made it back safe and sound Irv. You have jet lag and also returned to DLS going back to normal too, sure that doesn’t help with the jet lag either. To bad we can just reboot our internal clock like we do a phone.

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Glad you made it back… hope your family stays safe!
Must have been hard to leave though, eh?

Glad you’re safe. Any thoughts about making the Models code open source? It seems that Thingiverse no longer has a customizer viewing option. I really missed the boat on customizing. I am working toward that now. Designing in OpenSCAD is rough.

Thanks for all your efforts.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care on your trips and stay safe.