How to set up IdeaMaker for two color print

I took one of Cura’s calibration two color cubes and saved it as a STL and then downloaded it into IdeaMaker to see how well it works as two color prints. I spent about an hour going over all the slice settings and did not find how to identify which part of the model was extruder 1 and which was extruder 2. I know its there somewhere but I did not find it. Does any one know how to do this?

While looking more, I found the same exact two color cube that had the two different colors identified, all I had to do was tell it which part was which extruder. But how do I take a model that is not identified as two different parts and identify which part is which extruder?

I really haven’t messed with 2 color models yet other than the calibration models to align XY between the 2 extruders. I’m not even real sure how to change the color at a certain height. 2 color printing is on my radar but things keep getting in the way of be figuring it out.

Sorry I wasn’t much help here.

To print 2 colored models they have to be in separate parts; not necessarily just 2 parts; you can have multiple parts assigned to each extruders. Youtube has a number of videos on how it’s done.

Here’s a video on how to paint a mesh for dual color printing: [U]How To Make A Dual Extrusion 3D Print // 3D Printing Tutorial - YouTube

Here’s another 1: [U]5 ways to do color with 3D Printers - YouTube

That was interesting, looks to be labor intense. Netfab not being available on Linux leaves it out for me, but there might be something to replace it. Probably easier to just design it for 2 color to start.

I agree: if you think you might want to print something in 2 colors, design it that way from the start. It’s 1 reason I often keep parts of a model as separate bodies in Fusion 360: it let’s me save those parts as separate STL files. Also, Netfab isn’t the only mesh editor, so there very well could be 1 (or several) on Linux.

@Gramps I did a little searching for Windows on Linux and found this link you might like to look at: Running Windows Programs on Linux - YouTube

Full disclosure: I did not watch the full video. I did play with Wine a number of years ago. It was s-l-o-o-o-w-w-w! Hopefully, it’s gotten faster since then.

I get it @Lowteck; I was simply trying to caution against unrealistic expectations.

@Lowteck I’ve never felt bitten by anything you’ve said, I’m sure we’ve all worded things that might sound harsh to other but didn’t mean it that way at all. It takes a lot of processing power and also memory to run Wine successfully. You really better off dual booting if you really want or need to run Windows software. Ive been off of Windows for so long now I generally don’t worry about it. It they have a Linux version fine if not I just hunt for a replacement, which now days isn’t to hard to find.

Next time Im on that track, Ill post the Tenlog nozzle cal Gcode for you to check out. Thought thats whatbyou meant at first, had to reread to see the cura part.
on the tenlog SD you get a few models, presliced, Gcode only

Didnt know you can undo a slice

This you be interesting

Its a cube on a raft inside a ozze shield

Outer wall is E0, grid pattern is E1

Ive poked around a bit, it is still the only effective fast way to get X,Y offset values