First 2 color print

Found a Minion chess set on Prusapriinters and printed off one of the pieces. It was the King until I broke the crown off trying to clean the supports off the arms. This was a solid model that wasn’t created for 2 color printing. I used the paint feature in Prusaslicer to color it. Tried bucket fill that didn’t work. Then tried Smart fill and it worked like a charm. Over all it came out good, don’t quite have the 2 extruders lined up X & Y yet. Ive tried several different models to get them lined up. Still needs a little tweaking. The eyes look weird, not sure why there’s eyes in the 1st place, I thought Minions wore goggles.



That looks pretty good. Back before Christmas I found a two color candy cane model and it came out good, not great because the red was a washed out red. Seems every one has problems with red. I ordered some GSR-3D PLA+ which had some very nice red and did some Christmas tree earing and was able to take the stars and make them red. I did this by finding the layer which started the stars, which were raised and switched extruders to the one with red filament. They looked really good being my first created two color model, I am sure as you work with two colors you will learn and get better.

I also did some heart boxes with red box and white lettering the same way as the earings.