2-color designing for Snapmaker?

I just got the new dual filament print-head for my Snapmaker, and want to be able to design my own 2-color prints. I’ve been using and am comfortable with FreeCad, but doubt (but I haven’t explored) if I can use it to generate 2-color prints.
How do others design 2-color prints?

There is nothing inherently special about two-color prints. They are just multiple parts that are aligned in the same space. In your slicer, you designate the material for each part.

Thanks Irv, I was curious if I set up the 2-colors in the design (FreeCad) or the Slicer. I’ve been using Snapmaker’s Luban, but again I haven’t dived into it to see how (or if) I can slice multi-colors with it. I just received the new printhead so I’m still learning.

Yes. It is a function of the slicer.

I am not familiar with Luban, but this video, about the JG Maker IDEX printer it demonstrates how to set up Cura and how to set up prints for two colors at about 16:40.

Overall I prefer using IdeaMaker from Raise3d for two color prints.