Cura - enable dual extruders with SnapMaker?

I want to try Cura to slice dual color/material projects for my Snapmaker 2 with the dual extruder…I can add the printer to Cura, but I can’t find how to tell it that the Snapmaker has a dual extruder. Under machine settings, there’s a pull-down for # of extruders, but my only option is 1.
Anyone with Cura and Snapmaker experience figured this out? I admit that I’m only beginning with Cura, so there may be something obvious that I’m missing.

ps. For some other reason, my Cura can’t ‘see’ my Snapmaker on my network even though Snapmaker’s Luban can. If I can slice a file in Cura, I will transfer it with Luban until I can figure out the connection issue.

I’m relatively new to 3D printing, but from what I can tell, there’s no way from within Cura to add an extruder to an existing printer profile if it’s set only to allow one. Apparently the way to do this kind of thing is to import a new printer profile that has the extra extruder enabled, or “fork” your own printer configuration, starting with the original Snapmaker 2 profile, and then modify it using the method described here:

It does seem clumsy, but I guess it’s pretty rare that users need to modify their printer configs in a deep way.

Before you do the forking, however, I’d suggest you head over to the Snapmaker forums to see if anyone else has run into the same issue. They might have published a printer profile for you to download and import.