Help with DHT11 and Enclosure Plugin (or alternative), please


I recently purchased a Prusa i3 MK3S+ and loving it, nearly used up a whole roll of filament already.

I’m on the upgrade trail. I built an enclosure using the “lack table” method, the prints turned out extremely well.

I’m looking at adding a temperature sensor, I purchased a DHT11 and have tested it using a python script in the terminal of my Raspberry Pi 3B+ and it works correctly.

I’m trying to enable it in the Enclosure Plugin, but the temperature is not registering. I know that the plugin is depreciated, so if anyone can recommend an alternative, that would be gratefully appreciated.

Also, I’m using the USB Relay Plugin to drive power, lights, etc. I tried OctoRelay, but it prevents my touch screen from responding.

If anyone knows how to automate devices connected by USB Relay, that would be wonderful ??? .

Thank you kindly for your help !



You might want to check the GitHub. I see on open Issue that the Enclosure plugin does not work after updating to 0.18 (Python 3).

I hope to someday use this plugin, but you are more advanced than I at the moment.


Hi Alan,

Thanks for the reply.

My problem is that my printer is located in the attic. In Ireland, the temperature overnight can get low enough that the printer shuts down and refuses to co-operate until the enclosure is warmed up.

I think I will go with a low tech solution, as suggested by another user - use a room thermostat to control the heat pad I purchased, that will heat the enclosure sufficiently before printing. Problem solved.?

I was looking for an automated solution, but sometimes simple is best.



The KISS principle is still alive and kicking.