Looking for some ideas!

OK, have a new one for me.
Printer is an Ender 5
Main board is Ender5-BigTreeTech-SKR-Mini-E3-1.2
Firmware -Marlin-bugfix-2.0. installed 9/2022
Also use Octoprint

The printer has been working perfectly until today when I was making a print. I noticed on the webcam that it appeared I had run out of filament due to the ‘air space’ between the top of the print and the nozzle. Went and checked on the printer and sure enough, the spool was empty.

Clicked on the printer control knob and navigated to “Cancel Print” and canceled it. So far no problems.

Pulled out a new spool of filament and put it on the printer. Went back to my easy chair and using octoprint, told it to start a new print. (same file).

It immediately started doing a home routine (did not wait for the bed and nozzle to heat up) and went into a filament change routine (M600) which was not in the file nor did I try to initiate it. It was also noted the nozzle temp requested is 170°C and I print this filament at 242°C!

Several times I have completely shut down the printer and octoprint doing a complete reboot and it still repeats the same M600 behavior each time! I did find along the way there was a SD card in the printer that I had forgotten about and pulled it out (after shutting down). Rebooted and the same routine came up.

Along with all of the reboots, have uploaded a new file, but that didn’t help either.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance



After more extensive testing and debugging, it ended up being a borked plugin! I had installed the “Enclosure” plugin several years ago to handle filament runout sensing, but had disabled it as it gave to many false trips. Some how it got messed up and caused the problems. Basically cleaned out all the settings and now the system is working again.