First layer print test problem

I am running the first layer print test and while most of the print is good the lines in the inner circle are barely printing. The outer ones are good. I have no idea what to do to fix this, any ideas? I have a 0.4mm nozzle, bed temp 60 nozzle temp 200
set the enable layer retract is on, retraction distance is 10 and speed is 40. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Might help if we knew which printer you have. I would up the temp to 205-210 and your retraction seems a little much even for a boden set up. Set the retraction to 6-7 and cut the speed to 30

Thanks I will try that.

I have any cubic kobra neo
I have added some pics to show problem

Uploading: IMG_5798.jpeg…
Uploading: IMG_5796.jpeg…


I made the suggested changes and still the inner circle lines are too thin. See pictures from previous no changes from that. I have the z offset down to -2

The pictures didn’t show up

I worked on it and finally got what I think is a good print. I changed the z offset to -1.012 and that seemed to help a lot besides your suggestions .

Not sure why the pics did not load but what I realized is that the nozzle was way to close from the print.

Thanks for help