Weird printing problem

I am not sure where to even begin, but all of a sudden all of my prints in one corner are coming out terrible. I have included three pictures the first shows that during first layer everything is fine until this one corner. The supports basically don’t print correctly and print gets messed up. The second shows with out supports that the same corner does not print right. Any ideas? I am totally lost

I am using a Kobra Neo, and have checked all the setting.

Yes I have leveled now before each print.


The 1st photo looks to me like you are under extruding. What speed are you using for your 1st layer normally 20-30 ms is a good mean point. Could be a partial clog too. The 2nd photo looks like z-offset isn’t set correctly. Z-offset is used on printers with auto bed leveling more so that others. Might try bumping your tea 5 degrees and see if it’s better too.

32.5 for first layer. I adjusted z offset with no effect, but when I adjusted the y axis tension the problem became a lot less. as shown in latest pic. I am also going to change 1st layer to 25 ms.

I don’t know what this means “Might try bumping your tea 5 degrees and see if it’s better too.”

Spell check thought temp should be tea

You might just feel the bed to see if there is a change in temperature across the bed. Maybe a cold spot as if the temperature is not consistent.
I think it has to be something wrong with the print bed either not leveling correctly or a heat issue. Clean the bed with alcohol for grease spots. See if there is something between the print bed and the print surface maybe clean both sides.
There is a test print, that i am sure others can guide you with better than me, that will check bed leveling.