Ender 3 S1 Plus Ribbon Cable

I noticed my hot end fan making noises when I investigated it I.found that as the X axis was moving the fan would start and stop causing the noise I was hearing. If you held the cable a certain way the fan would run but could never find the right spot to make it work 100% of the time. I had a 3D printed strain relief on it but I guess it didn’t do a good job.

Searched Amazon, Creality sites and googled and I only found one place that said they has a cable but the description also said it would fit the S1 & S Pro, the Plus is bigger so the cable is longer so I didn’t really want to spent $20 plus dollars to find out if it did fit.

Does anyone have a source for the ribbon cable for the S1 Plus?

You could try emailing creality: store@creality.com

I’ve contacted Creality and Comgrow but no response for either yet. Thanks for the suggestion

Heard from Creality and they ask for a receipt, photo of serial number, & a video of the problem. Did this and they agreed that it was more than likely be the ribbon cable so they sent me a new one. Just arrived yesterday and I haven’t install it yet but I am positive that it will correct the problem.

It was shipped out of TX so I don’t understand why it isn’t available anywhere for sale.

I guess maybe they are used only for warranty repairs rather than direct sales. Seems dumb because eventually the machine will go out of warranty.

You might be right and if one had been available I would have purchased it instead of going through the warranty process. I will say that all the hoar stories I’ve heard about Creality CS I didn’t not have that experience. It did take about 14 days from start to finish but it all went smooth with no argument. They even apologized for taking so long.