E-Steps on an IDEX printer

Hi Irv
I follwed your guide on setting e-steps on a 3d printer.
My problem is that on the JG Master Artiste D pro you have two extruders but only one setting under motors!
I used your method of marking out 120mm of filament and then extruding 100mm and measuring the remainder. On extruder 1 it extruded only 92mm and extruder 2 extruded 85mm of standard PLA @ 200 degrees!
Any advice

Regards Kitsoft

I guess you need to use E1 and E2 via terminal to set the new steps. Since your printer is already using two print heads a simple M501 should dump the desired line, which starts with M92 and shoudl contain E1 and E2 with the default values.

Could also be E0 and E1. Not sure right now, but the M501 should dump a valid command.