JD Maker Artist-D Pro 1st Look and Review is live

Thanks to everyone on this forum for your suggestions. This is the first of what may end up quite a number of videos about IDEX 3d printers. Since I now have two of them in my shop I will be able to do a complete test of a number of techniques. I expect to cover slicers, creating models, modifying existing models, dissolvable supports, and more.

[video=youtube_share;AX1oRMkmXAI]JG Maker Artist D 3d Printer 1st Look and Review - YouTube

I’m all ears. IDEX is our immediate future as far as I can tell. But I’m much older than Irv, henceforth more naive, so let’s see what happens!


Hi Irv. First, just to clarify @roon4660’s comment in another thread, yes, my forum nickname is @Ender5r (pronounced Ender-Fiver), rather than Ender-Three-R. No biggie.

Now, on to real matters. [LIST=1]

  • JG Maker recommends setting the bed parameters to 310 x 310 x 350 in Cura. Not a big deal, but an extra 10mm in the X & Y just might come in handy on rare occasions. .
  • Thank you for the info about Cura & JG Maker 'profiles'. I didn't realize you just open them as projects. I think I did do that with 1 of the files, simply because I recognized the .3mf extension as a Cura project file, but I hadn'r realized this is the proper way. .
  • Thank you for confirming that it is good practice to set print & standby temps the same. I found lower standby temps annoying so I started setting them the same a little while ago. It's good to have confirmation. .
  • Thank you for the Cura nozzle disable info. I wasn't aware of it. It's a nice, easy way to only use 1 nozzle for sure. .
  • A brief howto on cleaning the brass brush nozzles would be nice. [/LIST] Looking forward to future videos. This printer is looking very interesting.
  • Thanks for the review of my review :slight_smile: I am enjoying this collaboration and look forward to your comments. Sorry about getting your ID wrong. I have created a new forum for IDEX 3d printers and it would be great if you could repost your “cheat sheet” there.

    I just started learning IdeaMaker. It has real potential for both IDEX and traditional FDM printers.

    Great idea Irv to make a separate forum for IDEX printers.